The Quirky Story

About QuirkyDigs

Read how QuirkyDigs went from idea to passion.

Photo Thanks to Susan Belasco

The QuirkyDigs Story

The story of QuirkyDigs began in 2019 when Sally Packard, a former art professor and an all-around creative force, decided it was time to get back to her design roots. With a past rich in costume and set design, fine art, and a special love for textiles, Sally wasn’t about to create just another home decor brand.

Raised in a military family, Sally’s childhood was packed with diverse cultural experiences, from living in a small village in Japan to exposure to the indigenous communities in New Mexico. These experiences have subtly woven their way into the fabric of QuirkyDigs, influencing the distinctiveness of each piece created.

The mission of QuirkyDigs is to fill your spaces with pieces that are not just beautiful but meaningful. Each piece is handcrafted with care, using naturally sourced materials chosen to last and stand out. Meticulous attention to detail turns ordinary materials into functional conversation pieces that add a bold statement to your living space.

So, if you’re looking for something to revitalize your home, you’ve come to the right place. QuirkyDigs promises décor that charms and lasts, all crafted with a touch of quirk that makes each piece distinctly yours. Thanks for stopping by—let’s turn your space into a conversation starter.