Welcome to the New QuirkyDigs Website


QuirkyDigs is proud to announce the launch of its new website. Not only is it new (and may I say gorgeous?) but it was designed by a team of professionals at Vervology, located in Syracuse, New York. So special thanks to Jono, Sandy, Sheila, and Michael!
No more DIY for QuirkyDigs, we’ve put on our big girl pants.

I know you all will be as excited as I am to experience the new QD look. Speaking of which, we have five new lines for Summer 2024. From Watermelon to Flowers to Ice Cream, there is something for all your summer moods. Brightly colored and thoughtfully constructed as always, and very fun to boot. So, get out the grill, fill up the wading pool and invite all your friends over. Whoohoo it’s party time!

Now I have to get to my studio and make some cool stuff.
So Long! See you next time…….

Sally at QuirkyDigs